New Boson Discovered – Anyone remember ?? (Pssst ….. it was called Higgs!)

Where were you the day they announced the new discovery??
Will you remember in ten years time?
Can you even remember now ?

Don’t forget this only happened ten months ago !
A big part of me can’t quite believe just how quickly it’s all calmed down again.
(Or was everyone just waiting for the end of the world …………. again! and even that’s now done and gone!)

For such a long awaited and much anticipated discovery….. where’s the follow up?
What has that gained us?

The sad thing is some of us know what the follow up has been but the vast majority of people out there neither know nor care.
If its not about celebrity cooking skating dancing or factor X wannabes, the majority are uninterested.
The science news just doesn’t really get the exposure it ought to. Fact and such a great shame!

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